About Walt Leather Team

Walt Leather is a small workshop of artisans that prides itself on high-quality leather goods. Carefully shape the leather and add a personal touch to the piece you are shaping through painting and engraving. We believe in honest work and making leather goods that will last a lifetime.

We make custom leather goods for our clients from beautiful designer patterns. Choose from a variety of options including your aesthetics (rivets & buckles) leather, the color of leather & stitching. We proudly allow you to truly customize your leather goods wants, with more items being added every month.

We have the craftsmanship and tools to bring our favorite designer leather patterns into your life. From bags to accessories and wearables, if you name it, we can make it (with a few exceptions). We know that customization is where the work is and pay attention to any detail that makes a leather item into an object of your satisfaction.

Our leather goods are sewed by hand from quality leather. We make leather souvenirs, leather accessories, billfold wallets, leather card holders, passport covers, front pocket cardholders, wallets, backpacks and belts, etc. Each handmade leather item we produce comes with no-hassle returns and a lifetime guarantee. We'll also show you how to properly store leather goods for durability and use

Finally, please join us to better show you the different works made from leather and believe that you can see the infinite possibilities of leather.