What is leather patina?

What is a leather bronzer?
Patina is a word thrown around in our craft, but what exactly is it?

The patina is formed on natural materials such as wood, denim, canvas, metal and stone. It's a sign of a high-quality item not usually found in cheap equivalents.

Simply wear, expose to the elements or treat for a signature glossy and vintage look.

When we talk about patina, we don't really think about metal and stone, but we think of the Statue of Liberty as the perfect example of patina. From deep gold to famous green.

Definition of leather patina
Leather sheen sets full-grain leather apart from less-expensive counterparts such as "real" or "top-grain" leather.

From scratches and marks to the marks left by keys on your wallet, to the darker spots on the cover of your journal, your hands are always going to touch and rub. Leather Patina is developed through everyday use.

The accumulation of dirt, body oils, sunlight and abrasion can give leather goods a dull and soft sheen. Over time, leather naturally oxidizes and ages to produce these effects.

This is a process that cannot be replicated through any artificial means.It just takes time.